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   Thank you for visiting. Things have been static here for awhile (I don't do this for a living), but I'm hoping to start doing some real updating. I've included some info on a new children's book about Roald Dahl by Andrea Shavick. If you're working on a school report, it is a good resource (although it may still be difficult to find in the USA).

     If this is your first visit, I am not Roald Dahl (he is dead, unfortunately), but this strictly non-commercial page is dedicated to Roald Dahl, his children's books and his short stories. If you are a student working on an essay or report, make sure you read this first. I've also included links to other Roald Dahl sources on the Internet..

Thank you for visiting, and let me know what you think. I try to answer as many of my emails as possible, but tend to answer them in spurts. If you need help with a paper that is due tomorrow, you will probably not be able to get much help from me. Sorry.

Jeff Meaney, Redmond, Washington, USA

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